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Security Threat Risk Assessment (STRA)

Understand the threats and risks to your data and services, and discover the most effective ways to invest limited resources.

Assess the threats facing your organization, determine where and how your data is at greatest risk, and where you can get quick wins in protecting your data. A security threat risk assessment is an important first step to protecting your data in an efficient and methodical way. Procyon uses an ISO 27002:2013 based assessment methodology which models how threat events can exploit vulnerabilities in your systems. We can alternatively use a methodology of your own choosing.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Stay ahead of malicious parties that exploit vulnerabilities in your IT systems.

Hackers are always discovering new ways to break into your IT systems to steal your data, hold it at ransom or, increasingly, both. Regularly scanning your systems for vulnerabilities, testing your defenses to see how they can be penetrated, and then fixing what gets uncovered is a critical process to reduce the chances that your organization's systems are broken into. This includes testing your IT infrastructure inside and out, including wireless networks, but also your applications and APIs, as well as the resiliency of your people to social engineering attacks. Contact Procyon to hack your own systems before the hackers do.

Security Standards Compliance and Audits

Get help complying with complex customer or external security standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, the PCI Data Security Standard, and privacy and security laws.

Your organization may have legal or customer requirements such as:

  • being audited against standards like ISO 27001 or SOC 2
  • the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for credit card information
  • privacy laws for any personally identifiable information
  • industry specific rules

Security compliance and audits consume time and effort, and can be challenging to deal with. Ask Procyon for help with understanding your obligations, navigating these standards, responding to auditor's questions, and setting up a program so that your organization can comply in the most cost-effective way.

Security Architecture

Put all the pieces together into a comprehensive security architecture that establishes trust in your organization with customers, staff, and vendors.

Organizations and IT systems are complex, and so is the security need to protect them and their data. All the different components, like governance, policies, risk assessments, processes, controls, testing, user awareness, monitoring and alerting need to work together to protect information and systems effectively. Procyon can help design and implement an organization's security architecture, as well as each of the various components.

Security Program and Process Implementation

Get professional advice on security programs and processes such as mobile device management, change control, patch management, procurement, incident handling and more.

Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of information means having solid security processes. Mobile device management, change control, patch management, procurement and vendor management, and incident handling are a few of the many security challenges that organizations have. Procyon can work with your organization to develop these processes to protect and manage your information appropriately and cost-effectively.

Security Policy and Guidance

Set clear expectations for your staff and vendors on how they should be protecting data and systems.

Security policies set the organization's approach to security, and provides management support and direction for protecting data and systems. Good security policies and guidance are based on the organization's risks, are clear in describing what outcomes are desired, and lay the foundation for your security program. Procyon can rework existing policies and guidance, or write new ones using either an existing structure and format, or set up a new one up for you.

Governance and Management

Understand why governance is so important, and how security helps your organization achieve its business goals, particularly when using the cloud.

Good governance is important, especially when using the cloud or when you rely heavily with external parties. Contact Procyon for help with developing strategies, governance structures, policies and metrics so that security contributes to achieving your business goals. Procyon can also review or negotiate the security aspects of your contracts with external parties, or assist you with dealing with them.